Ballad of a Tin Man

Title: Ballad of a Tin Man
Published by: Post Hill Press
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Pages: 118
ISBN13: 978-1976345616
ASIN: B076KZ2X53
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When your get-rich scheme involves John Gotti and Bruce Cutler, what could go wrong?

When Jack Davis got a call from Dennis Sparta, his sorta friend from South Florida, Jack’s life was doing great…good…well…just okay. Jack is broke, his brokerage business is lousy, his former girlfriend has kicked him out, and his new girlfriend Stacy wants…something. Dennis is a tin man, a door-to-door salesman, but he knows he’s the best door-to-door salesman in the world. And he has an idea to make them all rich. But Dennis needs Jack to finance the working capital needed for his scheme. When it all goes south, Jack calls on the big guns—literally—to help get him out of this fix.


“John Kuhns' writing packs a punch.  That his story truly happened to us makes it even better.  I wish all my cases could have turned out this way”

—Bruce Cutler